24 and 48 hour Holter monitoring


What is a Holter Monitor?

A Holter monitor is a small recorder. It is a little bigger than a personal stereo (Walkman). You will wear it for one to two days. It records all your heart६ectrical activity.

Why do I need a Holter Monitor?

A Holter monitor is used to look for problems in the rhythm of your heartbeat. This test is used for people who have symptoms like palpitations or dizziness that come and go.  A regular EKG only lasts a few seconds and can miss these problems.

Before the test

When you arrive for the test

During the test

Example: 6:35 AM, getting out of bed, a little dizzy.

7:00 AM, breakfast, feel fine.

7:30 AM, start walking on treadmill.

7:40 AM, very dizzy, stopped walking, sitting to rest.

7:45 AM, dizziness stopped.

After the test

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